M-TS-CB-EX EXPLOSION PROOF Tongue Interlock (Die Cast)

M-TS-CB-EX EXPLOSION PROOF Tongue Interlock (Die Cast)

Trapped Key with ATEX Exd IIC T6 certified explosion proof contact block. The explosion proof contact block conforms to EN60079-0 and EN60079-1 for Zones 1, 2, 21, 22 environments (Gas and Dust). Adheres to the latest standard ISO13850. Designed for applications where the potential for explosive atmospheres are present.

The M-TS-CB-EX Single Key Tongue Interlock with Explosion Proof Contact Block operates on the principle that when the key is “trapped” the actuator can be removed and is in the open position. When the key is in the “trapped” position the contacts switch to the auxiliary position in the contact block.

When the actuator is re-inserted and the “trapped” key removed the safety contacts in the contact block are then re-made.

Once the released key is in the Isolator Switch or Key Exchange System power can then be re-applied to the guarded area.

Manufactured in die cast aluminium with a mirror polished finish the M-TS-CB-EX Tongue Interlock is suitable for SIP and CIP cleaning processes with high pressure hosing with detergents at high temperatures.

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Product Group Part No. Description
SKORPION Die Cast M-TS-CB-11-EX Single Tongue Interlock with 1NC 1NO EX with 3 meter Pre-Wired
SKORPION Die Cast M-TS-CB-22-EX Single Tongue Interlock with 2NC 2NO EX with 3 meter Pre-Wired