UGB-NET Gate Box with Integrated PROFIsafe

UGB-NET Gate Box with Integrated PROFIsafe


IDEM’s UGB-NET Gate Box has Integrated PROFINET with PROFIsafe combines high level RFID coded interlocking and machine control functions in one heavy duty housing. They can be easily fitted to access doors to provide guard locking, rear escape options and sliding or rotary handles can reduce the risk of operators being trapped inside a guarded area.

They incorporate standard machine request or control buttons and indicator lamps in an all-in-one machine safety device. (See catalogue page for configuration options)

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  • Network address assignment set by DIP switches for simple and easy set up.
  • Compact housing – less than 250mm long (10 inches) and 115mm (4.5 inches).
  • End or front actuator insertion for flexibility of mounting.
  • Optional Rotary Front Handles and Rear Escape Handles.
  • The UGB-NET Gate Box with Integrated PROFIsafe has both RFID guard interlocking technology and electronic lock monitoring technology using a traditional tongue and cam mechanism to hold the guard closed.
  • Daisy chain power and network connections (in/out).
  • Choice of standard machine function buttons/lamps or custom configurable (E Stops, Start, Stop, Indication).
  • Easy to mount painted solid die-cast or Stainless Steel 316 housings.
  • Holds guards closed and locked up to 3000N.
  • RFID uniquely coded for high coding anti-tamper.
Product Group Part No. Description
UGB-NET Gate Box PROFIsafe UGB-NET See catalogue page for Part Numbers