M-BD-11 Trapped Key Bolt Interlock – Dual Key

M-BD-11 Trapped Key Bolt Interlock – Dual Key

The M-BD-11 Trapped Key Bolt Interlock works on the principle that when the first key is not present, the bolt is extended in the lock position with the guard closed. To unlock the M-BD-11 Trapped Key Interlock, the first key must be removed from the isolation switch device and/or the key exchange system and inserted into the trapped key interlock. Turning the first key will re-tract the bolt, opening the guard and trapping the first key in place. The second key is then released, allowing the operator to take it inside the hazardous area to avoid any inadvertent start-ups. The second key is also referred to as a personnel key in ISO T/S 19837.

Only when the guard is closed with the second key returned and the bolt extended, can the first key be released and placed back in the Isolator Switch or Key Exchange System. Power can then be re-applied to the guarded area.

It is important that when the bolt is retracted, it is held captive until the guard is closed. If you can extend the bolt whilst the guard is open, you are at risk of serious harm.

Skorpion Trapped Key Interlocks are manufactured in either mirror polished die cast or 316 stainless steel. The internal mechanisms are constructed using stainless steel, ensuring long term reliability even in harsh environments.

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Product Group Part No. Description
SKORPION Die Cast M-BD-11 Bolt Interlock Dual Key – 1 Key Trapped 1 Key Free – Bolt Retracted – Die Cast
SKORPION Die Cast M-BD-20 Bolt Interlock Dual Key – 2 Key Trapped 0 Key Free – Bolt Retracted – Die Cast