GLHD-Z Safety Rope Pull Die Cast with OSSD Outputs

GLHD-Z Safety Rope Pull Die Cast with OSSD Outputs


The GLHD-Z is a heavy Duty Safety Rope Pull Switch has been designed to protect long conveyor lengths. The die cast housings are extremely robust and survive indoor or outdoor use including washdown (IP67 rating).

The Z-Range technology means up to 30 GLHD-Z can be daisy chained and connected in series, with a combined protection length of 7500 metres (7.5km) whilst maintaining PLe.

Reduce production downtime with easy to understand LED diagnostics. The raised lamp improves visibility, even over longer distances. Due to the pulsed OSSD outputs, faults are detected immediately and displayed either on the switch, or through the auxiliary output.


  • Emergency stop and reset push button as standard
  • Protection up to 125m each side (2 switches) or 100m using 1 with safety spring
  • QC M12 8-Pole 250mm Fly lead with stainless steel cable gland
  • 2 OSSD Safety Outputs and 1 Auxiliary Output
  • Robust, Die Cast Body
  • Test and approved to IP67, suitable for wet environments

For installation instructions: CLICK HERE

Rope and Tensioning kit sold separately: Rope Switch Accessories

Product Group Part No. Description
GLHD-Z 141300-Z GLHD-Z Z-Range 2 OSSD 1 Auxiliary M12-QC 8-Pole 250mm Flying Lead