Z-Range Connection Accessories

Z-Range Connection Accessories

The complete connection accessories package for easy installation of Z-Range safety products. Simple plug and play connectivity drastically reduces installation time and replacing damaged parts.

Connection block: 8 ports, 8-pin M12 sockets, 24 VDC LED indicator(s), cable clamp for field-wired connection. For use with IDEM Z-Range products only. Can connect additional connection blocks using 1 M12 port and a patch cord.

T-Port: 2 Female / 1 Male M12 connectors for easy series wiring of Z-Range devices.

Patch Cord: M12 male to female. Available in 2m, 5m and 10m and can be used to connect multiple connection block and t-ports together in series.

Short Plug: Single M12 male connector for terminating connections. Can be plugged into unused M12 ports on the connection block or at the end of your t-port solution if you plan to connect additional Z-Range devices in the future.

Product Specifications

CAD Drawing
Product Group Part No. Description
Connection Box 140210-Z Z-Range 8 ports, 8-pin M12 sockets, 24 VDC LED indicator(s)
Patch Cord 140201 Patch Cord M12 Male to Female 2m
Patch Cord 140202 Patch Cord M12 Male to Female 5m
Patch Cord 140203 Patch Cord M12 Male to Female 10m
T-Port 140206 T-Port M12 Connector
Short Plug 140207 M12 Short Plug