GBZ-4ST Sliding Gate Bolt (left or Right) for Z-Range KLM-Z-4ST

GBZ-4ST Sliding Gate Bolt (left or Right) for Z-Range KLM-Z-4ST


GBZ-4ST Gate Bolts are manufactured with a rugged die-cast metal and steel construction and provide shearing forces up to 10,000N (F1Max) on large hinged doors.

Easy to install on hinged or sliding guards. (2 x M6 and 2 x M8 Mounting Bolts).

Once installed there is no need for extra brackets or door handles.

Not susceptible to misalignment damage.

Operators are required to manually close the guard, they cannot close accidentally.

Padlock holes are provided as a means of locking open the handle to prevent the guard from being closed and the machine started during maintenance.

Rear Release:

For rear release, please select any KLM-Z-4ST part number ending in RR (rear release).

Rear Escape Sliding Handle is also required: See below

Optional spring catch to prevent accidental re-closing of sliding front handles

Product Group Part No. Description
GATE BOLTS 458003 GBZ-4ST Gate Bolt Lock Left Hand (KLM-Z-4ST)
GATE BOLTS 458004 GBZ-4ST Gate Bolt Lock Right Hand (KLM-Z-4ST)
GATE BOLTS 210005 Rear Handle suitable for GBZ-4ST
GATE BOLTS 210006 Spring Loaded Catch suitable for GBZ-4ST