The BPZ RFID Coded Non Contact Safety Switch with Auto Test will connect to the most popular standard Safety Relays to maintain a PLe Safety Level even with switches connected in series.The BPZ has a cylindrical M18 high specification polyester housing and is fully encapsulated providing IP69K ingress protection rating. You can use the BPZ in virtually any application in any environment, including high-pressure cleaning with detergent. Easy to understand LED diagnostic functions and provides auxiliary outputs for extra diagnostic signals to PLCs or computers.

The typical sensing distance “ON” is 12mm with wide tolerance to guard misalignment after setting.

RFID sensing provides a tamper-resistant operation when the actuator is in the sensing range of the switch.

Available in 2 Versions: VERSION 1: Type M Master code – any actuator will operate any switch.

VERSION 2: Type U Unique code – 32,000,000 codes – when unique activation is required in areas where there are many interlocked doors and security of individual areas is required.

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