Viper Safety Relays with Added Diagnostics (Next Generation)

Viper Safety Relays with Added Diagnostics (Next Generation)


IDEM’s VIPER SCR-i range of Safety Relays have been designed in accordance with EN60204-1 for safety circuits and they can be used in conjunction with mechanical interlock guard switches, emergency stop switches, non contact guard switches or safety light curtains to achieve redundant monitoring and fault checking up to PLe/Cat4 ISO13849-1.

When dual circuit monitoring is being used they can check the switch contacts for correct opening and re-closing, monitor for wiring short circuits and can be configured to check for correct opening of external machine contactors.

For applications requiring time controlled delay after opening of the guard switch, versions with time delayed output contacts are available (this is variable from 0 to 30 seconds).

Increased LED diagnostics have been incorporated into the design to show the status of input and output circuits and the reset (feedback) circuit.