UGB-Net Universal Gate Box with Integrated CIP Safety

UGB-Net Universal Gate Box with Integrated CIP Safety

Integrated Ethernet/IP (CIP Safety) safety protocols for use with industry recognised industrial Ethernet networking capabilities.

CIP Safety can be run over common network cabling and since it’s not necessary to wire devices point-to-point, CIP Safety dramatically reduces wiring time and effort.

Because CIP Safety supports integrated architecture, it’s possible to view the health of each module and other status information through messaging as well as the configuration bytes of the modules themselves.

IDEM’s Universal Gate Boxes (UGB-NET) provide high level RFID coded interlocking and machine control functions in one heavy duty housing. They can be easily fitted to access doors to provide guard locking, rear escape options and sliding or rotary handles can reduce the risk of operators being trapped inside a guarded area.

They incorporate standard machine request or control buttons and indicator lamps in an all-in-one machine safety device. (See catalogue page for configuration options)

For more information, please watch our UGB-NET video: Watch Here