Standalone Coded Safety Interlock Switches

Standalone Coded Safety Interlock Switches

IDEM’s Standalone Coded Non Contact Switches have been developed as a standalone mountable device to provide a high level of fault detection and functional safety. They feature their own internal monitoring system and use force guided mechanical contacts up to PLe/Category 4 (ISO13849-1)

All IDEM standalone switches employ 2 Force Guided Mechanical Relays and incorporate internal checking to ensure both relays are operational after each safety demand. If one relay fails to open or becomes inoperative the switch will lock out safe.

They are offered in high specification plastic or stainless steel 316 (mirror polished) housings and can be used in virtually any environment including high pressure cleaning following contamination from foreign particles. The housings are compact and easy to fit on less than 40mm frame sections.

The PSA (plastic) switch and the MSA (Stainless Steel 316) switch both have IP69K ingress protection and are suitable for most detergent wash down applications. The MSA (Stainless Steel 316) switch has a mirror polished surface finish (Ra4) and is suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning applications.

Dual Actuator versions are also available for use with “double door” guards.

EN14119 – ISO13849 – IP69K safety switch – ATEX Safety Switch – IEC 60947-5-3 High Coding – Type 4