Safety Limit Switches (Stainless Steel)

Safety Limit Switches (Stainless Steel)

IDEM’s HLM-SS Safety Limit Switches are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom with Stainless Steel 316 bodies and have been designed to be mounted for position sensing of moving applications e.g. guard doors, conveyors, machine beds, elevators.

Options available:

Roller Plunger, Short Roller Lever, Pin Plunger, Lever Arm – adjustable, Roller Lever – adjustable, Spring Lever and Telescopic Roller Lever – adjustable.

All are available with either slow or snap action contacts.

Operation of the switches is achieved by a sliding actuation of the moving object to cause deflection of the switch plungers or levers.

For safety applications it is important that the moving object does not pass completely over the switch actuators so as to either cause damage to the actuator or allow it to return to its original position.


Manufactured with a Stainless Steel 316 body.
Industry standard mounting to EN50041.
Positive opening NC safety contact to IEC60947-5-1.
Choice of actuator heads: Linear and Rotary.
High mechanical life 5,000,000 cycles.
Rated IP69K making them suitable for high temperature hosing with detergent at 80C and 100psi.