Safety Limit Switches (Die Cast)

Safety Limit Switches (Die Cast)

IDEM offer an extensive and comprehensive range of Safety Limit Switches.

Manufactured in heavy duty die cast metal, the range covers all applications within all industry sectors.

With Roller Plunger, Short Roller Lever, Pin Plunger, Spring Lever, Hinge Lever, Adjustable Roller Lever, Lever Arm, Cats Whisker, Telescopic Lever and Panel Mount Plungers there is an IDEM Safety Limit Switch for virtually any application.

Operation of IDEM Safety Limit Switches is achieved by a sliding actuation of the moving object to cause deflection of the switch plungers, rollers or levers.

For safety applications it is important that the moving object does not pass completely over the switch actuators so as to either cause damage to the actuator or allow it to return to its original position.

In addition IDEM also produce pre-wired ATEX Certified Explosion Proof versions for environments where the potential for explosion exists.

Please see separate product category “Explosion Proof Safety Limit Switches” for explosion proof models.