LPR: Magnetic Non Contact Safety Interlock Switch

LPR: Magnetic Non Contact Safety Interlock Switch


IDEM’s magnetic, non-contact safety interlocks are designed to conform to IEC 60947-5-3 and be used as directed by ISO12100, ISO14121 and ISO14119. They feature magnet and reed technology, providing a high tolerance to misalignment and extreme temperatures.

The mechanical operations means the contacts are volt free with a high power switching capability of 1A ac/dc. They are suitable for hinged, sliding or removeable guard applications and can connect to most safety relays to provide a higher level of functional safety.


  • Housing/Fixing: Popular European fitting / narrow for flush mounting
  • Material: High spec polyester, ideal for exposure to chemical cleaning agents
  • Contacts: Up to 2 N/C safety outputs and 1 N/O auxiliary output.
  • Sensing Distance: Wide 12mm operation
  • Ingress Protection: IP67 and IP69K
  • Operating Temperature: -25c to +80c
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 Quick Connect
Product Group Part No. Description
LPR 110009 LPR 2M 2NC
LPR 110010 LPR 5M 2NC
LPR 110011 LPR 10M 2NC
LPR 110012 LPR QC M12 8way 2NC
LPR 110013 LPR 2M 2NC 1NO
LPR 110014 LPR 5M 2NC 1NO
LPR 110015 LPR 10M 2NC 1NO
LPR 110015-13M LPR **13M** 2NC 1NO
LPR 110016 LPR QC M12 8way 2NC 1NO
LPR 110017 LPR 2M 1NC
LPR 110018 LPR 5M 1NC
LPR 110019 LPR 10M 1NC
LPR 110021 LPR 2M 1NC 1NO
LPR 110022 LPR 5M 1NC 1NO
LPR 110023 LPR 10M 1NC 1NO
LPR 110024 LPR QC M12 4pin (Asi Safe Compatible) 2NC
LPR 110026 LPR 5M 3NC
LPR 110060 LPR 2M 2NO