KLTM-RFID Guard Locking Switch Metal with RFID (3000N)

KLTM-RFID Guard Locking Switch Metal with RFID (3000N)


The KLTM-RFID are tongue operated safety interlocks housed in a robust, die cast body. They IDEM’s patented cam system with an anti-tamper mechanism, providing long term reliability, even in the most challenging environments. The IP67 enclosure protection is maintained by a double seal gasket and anti-rust, stainless steel internal screws.

In addition, the KLTM-RFID incorporates uniquely coded RFID sensor to prevent accidental or deliberate attempts to by-pass the interlock.


  • Body Material: Die Cast
  • Head Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Holding Force: F1Max 3000N
  • Safety Configuration: 2 N/C Safety Outputs and 1 N/O Auxiliary Output
  • Supply Voltage: 24VDC
  • Coding: 32 million unique codes, high coding to ISO14119
  • Actuation: Unique dual RFID actuation from the front and end
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
Product Group Part No. Description
KLTM-RFID & KLTM 450201 KLTM-RFID (Uniquely coded) M20 24v (Front/End Lower)
KLTM-RFID & KLTM 450202 KLTM-RFID (Uniquely coded) ½”NPT 24v (Front/End Lower)
KLTM-RFID & KLTM 450203 KLTM-RFID (Uniquely coded) QC M23 24v (Front/End Lower)
KLTM-RFID & KLTM 450301 KLTM-RFID (Uniquely coded) M20 24v (Rear/Front Upper)
KLTM-RFID & KLTM 450302 KLTM-RFID (Uniquely coded) ½”NPT 24v (Rear/Front Upper)
KLTM-RFID & KLTM 450303 KLTM-RFID (Uniquely coded) QC M23 24v (Rear/Front Upper)