IDIS-2 Hinge Interlock Safety Switch

IDIS-2 Hinge Interlock Safety Switch

The IDIS-2 is a member of the HINGECAM family which is a range of Compact Hinge Safety Interlock switches and has been designed to provide position interlock detection for moving guards.

Designed to fit on the hinged axis of machine guard doors, the switch body fits to the door frame and the leaf actuator fits to the door.

The switch has a Stainless Steel head which houses the rugged Stainless Steel shaft whose profile has been designed to fix to the door and provide a positively operated not easily defeatable interlock mechanism. They can be mounted unobtrusively away from direct vision or contact.

The compact body and 18mm fixing profile make them easy to install where space is restricted. The head can be rotated through 90 degree increments to provide ease of mounting in 4 positions.


  • Material: Polyester body and Stainless Steel Head
  • Contacts: 2 N/C Safety and 1 N/C Auxiliary
  • Replaceable Contact Blocks
Product Group Part No. Description
IDIS-2 192001 IDIS-2 M20 2NC 1NO
IDIS-2 192002 IDIS-2 ½NPT 2NC 1NO
IDIS-2 192003 IDIS-2 QC ½UNF 6way 2NC 1NO
IDIS-2 192004 IDIS-2 M20 3NC
IDIS-2 192005 IDIS-2 ½NPT 3NC
IDIS-2 192006 IDIS-2 QC ½UNF 6way 3NC
IDIS-2 192007 IDIS-2 M20 1NC 1NO Snap
IDIS-2 192008 IDIS-2 ½NPT 1NC 1NO Snap
IDIS-2 192009 IDIS-2 QC ½UNF 6way 1NC 1NO Snap
IDIS-2 192022 IDIS-2 QC M12 8way 2NC 1NO
IDIS-2 192023 IDIS-2 QC M12 8way 3NC
IDIS-2 192024 IDIS-2 QC M12 8way 1NC 1NO Snap