HSM Hinge Door Switch in Die-Cast

HSM Hinge Door Switch in Die-Cast


IDEM’s HSM Die Cast Hinge Switch with a mirror polished finish has been designed to be mounted for interlock position sensing of hinged moving guards. Once fitted to the hinged axis of the machine guard door, they provide a robust hinge function in addition to interlock position sensing. Blank hinges are also available if your requirement is for 2 hinges per door.

The HSM is used to mount the machine guard door into the machine guard frame and contact blocks are available in slow make/break 3NC 1NO, or 2NC 2NO. They have positive opening contacts in accordance with IEC 60947-5-1 and after fitting the switch offers a very high degree of anti-tamper.


  • Housing: Mirror Polish (Ra4), Die Cast
  • Axial Holding Force: 800N
  • Contacts: 3NC 1NO, or 2NC 2NO
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Operating Temperature: -25c to +80c
  • Connectivity: Pre-wired or M12 8-Pole Quick Connect
  • Mounting is achieved by fixing the switch from underneath for improved hygienic qualities. If you need front fixing, separate mounting bracket accessories can be purchased.
  • Blank hinges are also available if your requirement is for 2 hinges per door.
  • Left or right versions available
Product Group Part No. Description
HSM 351001 HSM Right 5m 3NC 1NO
HSM 351002 HSM Right 10m 3NC 1NO
HSM 351003 HSM Right QC-M12 3NC 1NO
HSM 351004 HSM Right 5m 2NC 2NO
HSM 351005 HSM Right 10m 2NC 2NO
HSM 351006 HSM Right QC-M12 2NC 2NO
HSM 351007 HSM Left 5m 3NC 1NO
HSM 351008 HSM Left 10m 3NC 1NO
HSM 351009 HSM Left QC-M12 3NC 1NO
HSM 351010 HSM Left 5m 2NC 2NO
HSM 351011 HSM Left 10m 2NC 2NO
HSM 351012 HSM Left QC-M12 2NC 2NO
HSM 351020 Blank Hinge Stainless Steel Die Cast
HSM 350025 Hinge Switch Mounting Brackets