HC-SS Hinge Interlock Safety Switch

HC-SS Hinge Interlock Safety Switch

IDEM’s HC-SS is a member of the HINGECAM family which is a range of Compact Hinge Safety Interlock switches and has been designed to provide position interlock detection for moving guards.

They are designed to fit to the hinged axis of machine guard doors. The switch body fits to the door frame and the shaft fits to the door.

The rugged Stainless Steel 316 body and Stainless Steel shaft profile has been designed to fix to the door and provide a positively operated not easily defeatable interlock mechanism. They can be mounted unobtrusively away from direct vision or contact.

The compact body and 22mm fixing profile make them easy to install where space is restricted. The head can be rotated through 90 degree increments to provide ease of mounting in 4 positions.

With ingress protection rating IP69K the HC-SS comfortably deals with environments where high pressure washdowns at high tempeature with detergent is a requirement. Ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging and petro-chemical applications.

Contact blocks are replaceable.

Solid shafts are available as: 10mm dia. and 50 or 80mm long or as 8mm dia. and 60mm long.

Hollow shafts also available

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