ESL-SS(P) Stainless Steel Emergency Stop with Shroud (4-Pole)

ESL-SS(P) Stainless Steel Emergency Stop with Shroud (4-Pole)


IDEM’s Heavy Duty Emergency Stop Switches are designed to provide robust Emergency Stop protection for exposed conveyors or machines. The IP69K enclosure protection is maintained by a double seal gasket and anti-rust, stainless steel internal screws.

Conformance to ISO13850, IEC60947-5-1 and IEC60947-5-5.


  • Contacts: 4 Pole Positively Operated Contact Blocks
  • Conduit Entry: M20 or 1/2″NPT fitting
  • Ingress Protection: IP69K

Special Features:

  • Designed with a special lid safety trip mechanism means that the safety contacts will open if the lid is removed from the Emergency Stop Switch adding an extra level of protection.
  • Where the Risk Assessment identifies that inadvertent operation of the E-Stop button may occur during use or breakage and loss of the button function is foreseen, it may be preferable to specify the protection shroud version.
Product Group Part No. Description
ESL-SS 232009 ESL-SS(P) M20 2NC 2NO
ESL-SS 232010 ESL-SS(P) ½NPT 2NC 2N
ESL-SS 232011 ESL-SS(P) M20 3NC 1NO
ESL-SS 232012 ESL-SS(P) ½NPT 3NC 1NO
ESL-SS 232013 ESL-SS(P) M20 4NC
ESL-SS 232014 ESL-SS(P) ½NPT 4NC