CMR-F: Magnetic Non Contact Safety Interlock Switch

CMR-F: Magnetic Non Contact Safety Interlock Switch


IDEM’s magnetic, non-contact safety interlocks are designed to conform to IEC 60947-5-3 and be used as directed by ISO12100, ISO14121 and ISO14119. They feature magnet and reed technology, providing a high tolerance to misalignment and extreme temperatures.

The mechanical operations means the contacts are volt free with a high power switching capability of 1A or 2A ac/dc. They are suitable for hinged, sliding or removable guard applications and can connect to most safety relays to provide a higher level of functional safety.


  • Housing/Fixing: Hygienic mounting, slim line body
  • Material: Mirror Polish (Ra4), 316 stainless steel ideal for exposure to chemical cleaning agents
  • Contacts: 1 N/C / 2 N/C / 1 N/C + 1 N/O / 2 N/C + 1 N/C or 3 N/C
  • Sensing Distance: Wide 12mm operation
  • Ingress Protection: IP67 and IP69K
  • Operating Temperature: -25C to 105C
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 8-pole Quick Connect

Special Features:

  • Suitable for Direct Contact Zones in accordance with EHEDG guidelines
  • Suitable for CIP / SIP cleaning with mounting holes at the rear thereby not creating food traps
Product Group Part No. Description
CMR-F 135017 CMR-F 2M ‘2NC’
CMR-F 135018 CMR-F 5M ‘2NC’
CMR-F 135019 CMR-F 10M ‘2NC’
CMR-F 135020 CMR-F QC M12 8way ‘2NC’
CMR-F 135021 CMR-F 2M ‘2NC 1NO’
CMR-F 135022 CMR-F 5M ‘2NC 1NO’
CMR-F 135023 CMR-F 10M ‘2NC 1NO’
CMR-F 135024 CMR-F QC M12 8way ‘2NC 1NO’
CMR-F 135025 CMR-F Heavy Duty 2M ‘1NC’
CMR-F 135026 CMR-F Heavy Duty 5M ‘1NC’
CMR-F 135027 CMR-F Heavy Duty 10M ‘1NC’
CMR-F 135028 CMR-F Heavy Duty QC M12 8way ‘1NC’
CMR-F 135029 CMR-F Heavy Duty 2M ‘1NC 1NO’
CMR-F 135030 CMR-F Heavy Duty 5M ‘1NC 1NO’
CMR-F 135031 CMR-F Heavy Duty 10M ‘1NC 1NO’
CMR-F 135032 CMR-F Heavy Duty QC M12 8way ‘1NC 1NO’
CMR-F 135131 CMR-F 2M ‘3NC’
CMR-F 135132 CMR-F 5M ‘3NC’
CMR-F 135133 CMR-F 10M ‘3NC’
CMR-F 135134 CMR-F QC M12 8way ‘3NC’