Light Curtains

Idem’s NEW range of Safety Light Curtains for finger and hand protection offer the user maximum accessibility to a machine or production line by removing or complementing the requirement for mechanical guarding.

Manufacturing processes that require operator access to the dangerous area can be performed quickly and with the minimum of interruption to production flow. Machines of all sizes are well suited to guarding by light curtains since the high level of throughput requires the minimum of interruption when inserting and removing product.

Fork lift truck access to conveyor lines is also an ideal application allowing fast and efficient access whilst maintaining a high level of safety integrity.

Idem’s SLC-F, SLC-H Safety Light Curtains have been designed to ensure protection of operators working in hazardous areas.

They operate with infrared beams that are evenly spaced at specific intervals.

SLC-F (finger protection) beams spaced 14mm min. sensing.

SLC-H (hand protection) beams spaced 30mm min. sensing.

When the beam detects a finger or hand entering the defined hazardous area, the protective equipment immediately stops the machine with a 14ms response, or renders it harmless.

A high reliability is achieved by implementing a fail-safe system: The devices are Type 4 and PLe/Cat4 to ISO13849-1.

Internal failure immediately deactivates the output signals as does any intrusion into the protective field.

Non muting function to increase productivity and safety.

PNP or NPN selection by DIP switch.

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